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Only Need A S$500 Advertising Budget per month!! 每月只需​​要 S$500 广告预算!!


Are you interested in getting new sales leads for your business using Google Adwords, Linkedin Ads, YouTube Marketing, Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads to Generate Leads along with FB Messenger, WhatsApp / WeChat Marketing or Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM)?

Full Introduction Video:

If you interested, please add me at my WeChat @ edmund98464649 or WhatsApp @ +6598464649

如果您想成为朋友,请在我的微信@ edmund98464649上添加我。


1). Google Adwords Overview Video Tutorial:

2). Facebook Social Media Marketing (SMM): 

3), Instagram Social Media Marketing (SMM):

4). Introducing LinkedIn Audience Network:

5). 微信营销广告:
Wechat Marketing & Advertising:

6). WhatsApp Business App:

7). IT Solutions (ERP System):

8). Progressive Web App (PWA):

9). Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM):

10). Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

11). YouTube Marketing/ TrueView video campaign in AdWords:

12). Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords:

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Marketing Introduction Video:

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If you have a question about our services or need assistance, we’d love to hear from you. We will arrange to meet up with you for a free presentation of our services without any obligation.

Please fill up the form below for any Request for Proposal or Quotation, we will get back to you within five (5) working days. Thank you!


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