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(a) Useful Open-Source ERP Links:


(b) Useful Open-Source ERP Links:

IT Solutions (ERP System):

Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM):

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): 

IT Solutions on CRM/ERP Website:

Work At Home Using Cloud Hosting: Website/E-Commerce/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) OR Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) IT Solutions Website:

1). CRM System
2). Point of Sale System
3). Sales (Invoice / Quotation) System
4). eSign System
5). Project Management System
6). Inventory System
7). Manufacturing System
8.) Timesheets System
9). Website (DIY)
10). eCommerce (DIY)
11). Accounting / Invoicing System
12). Mass Mailing System
13). Online Events System
14). Web Mobile App System (PWA)


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